If you've ever ever wondered whether you would like to be a sailor or a powerboater, this is the opportunity for you. Come and spend some time with us on the water in the boat of your choice. Get the feel of the boat and the feel of our local waters. You can take the helm, you can act as crew, or you can just sit and relax and experience your time on the water. You'll be in good hands with your Instructor who is certified by US Sailing and US Powerboating, and also a U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captain. Ask him/her anything you'd like to know. A fun excursion and an easy way to see if boating might be for you!

2-3 hours on the Neuse River and/or local waters

Fee: $200 per person. Two people $400. Up to 4 people: $500. Maximum of 4 students per boat.

The course is built around safety, fun, and learning! It may include a short classroom presentation but the emphasis will be on lots of time on the water. Your experience will be tailored to the your interests and the type of boat your using. Sailors will learn how to identify where the wind is coming from, how to trim their sails to the wind, and how to steer the boat through fundamental boat handling maneuvers such as tacking and gybing. Powerboaters will learn general boating terminology, a little about outboard or inboard engines, and boat handling techniques. Everyone will discuss safety skills including rules of the road, equipment requirements, and crew overboard recovery techniques.

Your choice of boats includes:

Sail: 24' sloop rigged keelboat
30'+ sloop rigged keelboat

Power: 20' center console skiff w outboard
40' cruiser w twin diesel engines.

Courses are scheduled to meet the individual scheduling needs of students.
(maximum 4 students per instructor)

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